How Water Damage Restoration Processes Are Done

United Restoration Team Water Damage ProcessFloods can occur in a house from natural causes or from burst pipes or overflowing bathtubs. After a fire, there may not be a flood but there is a concern for damage that can be done from the water sprayed from the hoses. When water is allowed to stand, it can cause structural damage from wood rot or from the proliferation and growth of molds of several varieties.

Whenever a flood occurs or anytime a fire has occurred, it is important to contact a local water damage remediation expert immediately. While this can be a stressful time for you, the best water damage restoration companies understand how difficult it may be for you. This is why they will offer to contact your insurance company so that the claim process can begin right away.

What You Should Do While Waiting for the Water Damage Restoration Technician To Arrive

Once the water damage restoration company has been called, they will usually get to your home in a matter of hours. While you wait for them to arrive, shut off any electrical breakers in the rooms or areas that have flood water. Remove any large furnishings, carpets, clothes or precious belongings that are near or in standing water. Be extremely careful never to traipse through flood waters that could be in the vicinity of live electricity.

When the water restoration experts arrive, they start the restoration process by pumping out the standing water. They may also use vacuums to remove water. The first goal is to remove any traces of floodwater. Once this step is complete, the process of drying the home begins.

The water restoration company may use industrial strength fans along with dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the home. If weather permits, they will also open any windows to let the air dry the home naturally. This entire process can take a few days.

Once everything has dried, the restoration company returns to clean the home. This involves using antimicrobial treatments and scrubbers to prohibit the growth of bacteria or mold. If no structural damage occurred, the process is complete and you can return to living in your home just as if the flood never happened.

If drywall was damaged, the restoration company will remove it and replace it where it is needed. If the process involves getting rid of any toxic substances or asbestos this process can take longer. This occurs in older homes at times but once the home has been repaired, you can rest assured that you can live in it just as if the flood or fire never took place.

Water damage restoration is a process that involves several steps. The first is to contact the experts. If you want, you can contact your insurance company yourself. If you need help, your water restoration experts will be happy to make that call for you. They can be a great help in facilitating the processing of your claim.

Your water damage restoration company has experience handling floods of all types and from causes both natural and man made. Do not hesitate to contact them following a flooding emergency.

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