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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Whether because of just a leak from a broken pipe or a flood caused by a storm, it is always best to allow an expert to tackle and take care of the issue. Our experts have a well diverse knowledge and experience with all sorts of issues coming from water damage. The task of repairing water damage can be very difficult and should be completed by experienced professionals only.

Although water damage to a San Antonio home or business is an unfortunate but common event, it is necessary to point out that serious damage may be prevented if uncovered on time. Whether the damage was because of a water leak, clogged drain, burst pipe, flood or any other event, our technicians will surely do what they're trained to do to get you sorted out.

One of the most important factors to correctly restore the damaged area is starting the water removal and extraction immediately. We will assess the situation and act quickly to stop the source of the damage, remove the water and initiate the drying procedure to avoid additional damage to your property. We urge you to contact us without delay, the fast specialist we employ will arrive in a jiff to begin remediating the issue. Our experts are available 24/7 ready to attend your immediate water damage repair need. We will do all that is necessary to get you back and running fast.

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Emergency Drying Approach and Water Removal

There are various diverse approach methods; how we treat the issue depends on each individual’s case. While you take time to consider your course of action, water seeps into places that can trigger severe health implications such as mold growth. Flood water is normally categorized as either black or gray. The longer you take to act upon the issue at hand the bigger the risk of damage to the structure of the property and health of individuals living in it. Flooding is practically the main cause of water damage in San Antonio.

Exceeding our customers’ satisfaction is our goal; we concentrate on our customers making them our focal point while in the process of restoring the house or office. United Restoration Team is accessible at anytime during the day, every week. Working around the clock is our commitment to ensure you are taken care of as you deserve. Overlooking a sign, whether small or not, will only end up in a more regretful disaster.

Having a reliable water damage repair San Antonio company when in need of water damage restoration or even mold remediation is vital, especially if the company provides 24/7 emergency service. Informing you of the damages found and how we intend to repair and restore them within a clear timeline will alleviate some of the pressure. United Restoration Team is a reputable company with the necessary experience and knowledge needed to get you back on track. United Restoration Team utilizes air movers to speed up the drying process by eliminating and controlling the humidity levels. These machines are so potent, they have the capability of drying a carpet 4 times faster than normal. We are highly experienced in assisting customers through every step of the restoration process, especially with the paperwork process pertaining to the insurance claim.

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Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio

Water damage does not occur often but when it happens it comes unannounced. To keep you and your family save in terms of health, we will deploy our mold removal San Antonio team right away to eliminate any trace of it from your property. Contacting an expert should be your first reaction prior to dealing with an impacted residential or commercial property. Water damage restoration is a complicated process that requires an exceptionally skilled and experienced group of professionals. After the water extraction has been completed, our service technicians will focus on reducing and possibly even avoiding further damages.

Since eliminating moisture to keep it from causing damage to your property is important, we employ large humidifiers and driers to accomplish the goal. Our water damage repair and restoration process is composed of a few distinct stages that require the use of advance technology and techniques. After many years in the field we’ve come to understand that the faster your issue is attended the less potential damage. Following any natural disaster, look out for any fallen power lines. If possible, make sure to shut down the power before entering a damaged property. The incomparable service group of technicians from United Restoration Team are highly equipped with all the essential equipment to remove stagnant water.

Importance of Restoring Your Home

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With personal care and detailed attention, our crew will efficiently and effectively target even hidden moisture. This is only possible with the use of highly specialized equipment plus the right knowledge and experience. Our specialized tools enable us to analyze all affected areas to make sure that they are completely dry and will not present anymore potential damage.

Our service may be your best ally in getting your property back to its original state after experiencing a flood. A place may look dry but if excessive moisture is present mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours. We will your house or office dried fast as well as get rid of moisture to prevent mold development.

Accessibility to Reliable Restoration Service

We strive to provide a sense of comfort and trust in every single one of our clients throughout the repair process making sure the services provided are top notch. We will not disappoint you by performing a poor, careless, sloppy job. We offer many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to bring your property to pre-loss condition. Once you entrust us your need, our staff of competent technicians will not stop unless the entrusted task has been completed.

Our philosophy goes above and beyond without losing that personal attention that you almost never get in this field nowadays. Disasters caused by water are emergency situations that need immediate attention; therefore, at United Restoration Team we treat them as such and with extreme importance. Call us today at 210-982-0911 and let’s start working on your project.

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