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A main concern for homeowners dealing with water damage is the potential of having to also deal with mold remediation and removal. Most water damage restoration companies also offer mold remediation service to help you remove it completely. It is very crucial to make sure you treat your house or office in order to avoid mold growth after a water damage issue.

Mold is found practically everywhere you go. The growth of these nasty fungi on any organic material is nearly inevitable if oxygen and moisture is present. Some of the things it can develop on are food, paper, wood, insulation and carpets. If extreme humidity builds up in your property mold will most likely take place, especially if the humidity continues to be untreated. Eliminating molds it’s close to impossible; however, it can certainly be contained.

Mold reproduces through spores that are next to impossible to see without a microscope; these tiny organisms grow on wet environments and feed on everything they grow on to stay alive. Some of the most known causes of mold development are leaks coming from roofs, windows or plumbing related as well as lack of ventilation or air conditioning.

Mold Infested Wall

The biggest concern about mold is the health related diseases that it can potentially produce. Inhaling mold spores is a common cause of allergy attacks such as asthma in people of all ages. Since mildew can only thrive in a humid environment, it is very important to take preventive action to ensure it doesn’t develop. However, if you may have experienced damage due to water exposure it is recommended to get the assistance of professional remediation and removal experts.

United Restoration Team may help you acquire the help of a reputable remediation specialist to remove the mold once and for all. We are partnered with industry leaders whom are highly regarded in the field. Mold remediation is not an easy task and should be left up to the experts. Our trustworthy partners are committed to ethically doing right by you and obligated by industry regulations to report any findings of mold to the homeowner as well as to the insurance company. Removal of this nasty fungus is a must for the safety those living in the property.

Our partnering remediation specialists will offer inexpensive mold removal alternatives that won’t break your wallet. Often times, a mold removal job can be performed throughout non-business hours to avoid interruption to your business operations or home activities. A thorough evaluation of your property will be completed to identify possible humidity penetration and create a remediation treatment plan.

Contact one of our mold remediation offices near you and we will have an expert at your doorstep soon to assist you with your mold removal need!

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