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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Acting quickly after experiencing water damage to your Delray Beach property is crucial for a proper restoration. The outcome of a flood or water damage to your home or office is a devastating and unfortunate event, nevertheless, United Restoration Team is a disaster restoration company that can help you in such situations. Sometimes, people choose to overlook and ignore small but significant signs. Whether the damage was because of a water leak, clogged drain, burst pipe, flood or any other event, our technicians will surely do what they're trained to do to get you sorted out. United Restoration Team knows how uncomfortable it is to see your home flooded with water.

Flooded Kitchen

Aside from completing your water extraction and repairing the damages, United Restoration Team provides reconstruction services through our partnered contractors whom are experienced in repairing cosmetic and structural damage. The longer the unwanted liquid sits untouched, the worse the damage will be. As a business we know that keeping yours operating is imperative as well as avoiding the need of having to accommodate your family's living arrangements due to an uninhabitable place. The right service provider will not only arrive promptly in a timely manner but will also utilize advanced as well as IICRC approved equipment and techniques to eliminate the water as fast as possible. We urge you to contact us without delay, the fast specialist we employ will arrive in a jiff to begin remediating the issue.

Is Your Home Flooded? What Do You Do Then?

Statistically speaking, homeowners run a 1% possibility of being impacted by flood. While you take time to consider your course of action, water seeps into places that can trigger severe health implications such as mold growth. Our Water damage restoration Delray Beach staff knows that an emergency situation of this magnitude requires a specific set of skills. The longer you take to act upon the issue at hand the bigger the risk of damage to the structure of the property and health of individuals living in it. Flooding is practically the main cause of water damage in Delray Beach.

As an industry leading restoration and cleaning company we use thermo hygrometers, moisture meters and infrared cameras along with our advanced moisture mapping technology. Moisture mapping is an important part of moisture detection as well as a necessary process to identify the size and location of an impacted area. The equipment that we utilize for moisture mapping detects the levels of humidity in your property in a scientific and systematic way. An overwhelming sensation of hopelessness is perfectly normal in a situation of this nature. We know time is of the essence when mitigating your loss in a quick, efficient and timely manner.

Leaking Roof

Informing you of the damages found and how we intend to repair and restore them within a clear timeline will alleviate some of the pressure. Our technicians are trained to get your property back to pre-loss condition fast and make the repair process seamlessly. Using sensors to expose moisture helps us concentrate primarily in the most important areas. We possess a group of experienced professionals who are experts in the water damage restoration field.

Mold Remediation Service

Protecting the safety and health of our customers and their relatives by performing precautionary action is our mission. The first step of the restoration procedure is the call we receive from the customer. This is a very important part to us since this is when our service agents will ask the necessary questions applicable to the particular situation. United Restoration Team knows every aspect of the process and guarantees a proper completion of all repairs. Despite the source of water damage, United Restoration Team would like to warn you to be cautious when dealing with an affected property. Stains on the ceiling and walls, corroded pipes, bad odor, peeling paint and mold growth are all evidence of water damage. If you think your home or office is experiencing any those effects, taking immediate action is necessary.

After many years in the field we’ve come to understand that the faster your issue is attended the less potential damage. Our state of the art water removal equipment is ready for use at your disposal. Nevertheless, insurance companies play a big role in the whole process. Our water damage repair and restoration process is composed of a few distinct stages that require the use of advance technology and techniques. All unrepairable items will be destroyed and eliminated with owner’s approval and to sanitize the area, an antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment is completed.

Customer satisfaction

Water Damage in Delray Beach, FL

Our service may be your best ally in getting your property back to its original state after experiencing a flood. We will make the process simple, easy and painless and will be with you throughout the whole process including the insurance claim. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to make sure all moisture has been completely eliminated. We can guarantee that the approach used will be tailored to your specific need assuring a proper and fast recovery. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how frustrating a Delray Beach flooding damage can be.

Immediate Action Saves Time

Once you entrust us your need, our staff of competent technicians will not stop unless the entrusted task has been completed. We are able to commit to quality, undeniable excellence and world class remediation service. We will not disappoint you by performing a poor, careless, sloppy job. We have been able to establish a reputation of reliability building a good name through trustworthy service. If you are looking for a company who specializes in restoring damages caused by water with focus in professionalism, proficiency and quality then United Restoration Team is your choice. We provide exceptional service despite of the time of its occurrence. Contact the experts over at United Restoration Team to help you resolve your issue immediately.

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