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Although water damage to a West Palm Beach home or business is an unfortunate but common event, it is necessary to point out that serious damage may be prevented if uncovered on time. They decide to take action way too late, either when floors are too flooded or mold growth is evident, or wait to the last minute when immediate assistance from a water damage West Palm Beach company is required. If your problem is an emergency, we will be able to assist you with our 24/7 emergency response service. Our experienced and dedicated professionals are standing by ready to help when you need them, regardless of the time of the day. If necessary, our mold remediation West Palm Beach crew will make sure your problem gets resolved right away. Mitigating the impact to your property quickly is our goal, that is why our professionals will ensure your home or office is restored as soon as possible.

Flooded Kitchen

One of the most important factors to correctly restore the damaged area is starting the water removal and extraction immediately. It sure is devastating when floods or any other sort of event causes damage to your property. Our emergency response team will immediately be dispatched to your residence or office to address your water emergency upon request. We are more than prepared to assist with the damage cleanup task required to restore your property. Water damage can easily and abruptly destroy any structure.

Emergency Drying Approach and Water Removal

Do not allow water destroy your property and all of your belongings. There are various diverse approach methods; how we treat the issue depends on each individual’s case. Black water pertains to that which comes from outdoor places like streams or rivers while gray water is that which comes from places inside the property such as dishwashers, sinks or toilets. United Restoration Team’s drying approach following a damage caused by water is to resolve it immediately. Despite of the cause of damage because of water, United Restoration Team is ready to assist you upon request.

Do not allow water destroy your property and all of your belongings. We make use of only high quality technology required by industry demand. Working around the clock is our commitment to ensure you are taken care of as you deserve. Our technicians are eager and ready to help, so contact us NOW and we will dispatch our professional right away.

Our state of the art machinery will surely dry your carpet from underneath and up, which will ensure a proper and complete result. Utilizing the right equipment is important to us because our tools are what we rely on to make sure the repairs are completed correctly, however, our expert knowledge allows us to use them the right way. After experiencing a sink or toilet overflow, leak, cracked pipe or sewage backup, you will want a service provider who can deploy an air scrubber to filtrate the air and remove any particles and/or chemicals left behind. United Restoration Team is a reputable company with the necessary experience and knowledge needed to get you back on track. We are highly experienced in assisting customers through every step of the restoration process, especially with the paperwork process pertaining to the insurance claim.

Leaking Roof

Detailed Process of Water Damage Restoration

Mold develops within 48 hrs without notice and in a situation involving water or moisture, it is vital to take necessary precaution to prevent the development of mold. Contacting an expert should be your first reaction prior to dealing with an impacted residential or commercial property. We provide way more than just extracting and drying out the water. All situations are different, but generally the approach to restore water damage is the same every time. To keep you and your family save in terms of health, we will deploy our mold removal West Palm Beach team right away to eliminate any trace of it from your property.

The first stage of a restoration process consists of prompt arrival to your location to attend the affected or impacted area. Since eliminating moisture to keep it from causing damage to your property is important, we employ large humidifiers and driers to accomplish the goal. United Restoration Team is so devoted to making sure your property is properly and completely restored that we even get involved with the claim request. As an industry leader, United Restoration Team utilizes top tier equipment to monitor and dehumidify the property making sure it is properly dried up. Our technicians are trained to operate IICRC approved equipment only.

Water Damage in West Palm Beach, FL

Ensuring the well-being of your family is our goal, so we will contain every hazardous condition making sure you and your family resides in a safe environment. As good as water may be it can also be very harmful to anything, especially in vast amounts. If allowed, water will most definitely destroy the foundation of any unit as well as the integrity of its structure. If required, our mold removal West Palm Beach crew will tackle and eliminate any existence of it to ensure the safety of everyone's health. When dealing with damages caused by water, uncovering it early and tacking action right away is critical. Leaving an area improperly dried will only end up causing more expensive requirements such as having to hire a mold remediation West Palm Beach expert. A place may look dry but if excessive moisture is present mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours.

Customer satisfaction

Trust and Dependability

We offer many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to bring your property to pre-loss condition. Partners of United Restoration Team are known as industry leaders for operating the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the field. Disasters caused by water are emergency situations that need immediate attention; therefore, at United Restoration Team we treat them as such and with extreme importance. Having a dependable company to go to after being affected by water is essential but getting the necessary service when you need it the most gives you peace of mind. Our experts will be dispatched immediately upon request with the right equipment. United Restoration Team is a water damage remediation lead source partnered with only properly certified and registered companies.We are eager to get your unit back to the condition it was in before being impacted by water. Our honest, dependable and educated staff are waiting on your call. Do not wait for your water damage to get worst as it will increase your out of pocket cost, instead get it resolved now and avoid unnecessarily paying more.

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