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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

The task of repairing water damage to a Lake Worth property may be very difficult and should be completed by experienced professionals only. Sometimes, people choose to overlook and ignore small but significant signs. United Restoration Team is an excellent company that will attend to your need immediately after receiving your call. Natural disasters are rare, but when they occur, they come unexpectedly. The extreme weather in Lake Worth has been known to severely impact properties.

Flooded Kitchen

Aside from completing your water extraction and repairing the damages, United Restoration Team provides reconstruction services through our partnered contractors whom are experienced in repairing cosmetic and structural damage. We urge you to contact us without delay, the fast specialist we employ will arrive in a jiff to begin remediating the issue. Not only does one have to bear losing time trying to deal with the issue but the unexpected expense can be hindering to an unprepared individual.

The right service provider will not only arrive promptly in a timely manner but will also utilize advanced as well as IICRC approved equipment and techniques to eliminate the water as fast as possible. Our emergency response team will immediately be dispatched to your residence or office to address your water emergency upon request.

Emergency Drying Approach and Water Removal

To avoid further unnecessary damages, you should contact our Lake Worth water damage office. Despite of the cause of damage because of water, United Restoration Team is ready to assist you upon request. Do not allow water destroy your property and all of your belongings. Statistically speaking, homeowners run a 1% possibility of being impacted by flood. Our experts are skillfully experienced in damage mitigation and remediation, water removal and cleanup, leaks, clogged drains, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction as well as all sort of mold remediation Lake Worth issues.

An important factor in our water damage restoration Lake Worth process is commercial type dehumidifying equipment. Our technicians are eager and ready to help, so contact us NOW and we will dispatch our professional right away. A water damage situation will stop the operation of your business, interrupt your day to day routine and keep you from carrying out the actions to meet your daily needs. We know how important it is to have an experienced service provider respond to your property when experiencing a water emergency.

Using sensors to expose moisture helps us concentrate primarily in the most important areas. We are highly experienced in assisting customers through every step of the restoration process, especially with the paperwork process pertaining to the insurance claim. Most of the water damage repair Lake Worth companies as well as mold remediation businesses offer inspections at no cost to the homeowner. Inspections are simply a thorough diagnostic procedure where the moisture levels are inspected and leaks are detected. We possess a group of experienced professionals who are experts in the water damage restoration field.

Leaking Roof

Mold Remediation Service

United Restoration Team knows every aspect of the process and guarantees a proper completion of all repairs. Protecting the safety and health of our customers and their relatives by performing precautionary action is our mission. We understand the importance of acting fast to avoid additional unnecessary damage to your property. Mold develops within 48 hrs without notice and in a situation involving water or moisture, it is vital to take necessary precaution to prevent the development of mold. After the water extraction has been completed, our service technicians will focus on reducing and possibly even avoiding further damages.

Once all necessary steps have been completed, most likely other things such as your carpets and furniture will need specialized deodorization treatment and cleaning. To eliminate debris or any dirt particles left behind we will employ the use of air scrubbers. United Restoration Team is so devoted to making sure your property is properly and completely restored that we even get involved with the claim request. Waiting for the claims department of your insurance provider to open for business may put your property’s structure at risk of severe damage. After many years in the field we’ve come to understand that the faster your issue is attended the less potential damage.

Water Damage in Lake Worth, FL

Our specialized tools enable us to analyze all affected areas to make sure that they are completely dry and will not present anymore potential damage. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how frustrating a Lake Worth flooding damage can be. When dealing with damages caused by water, uncovering it early and tacking action right away is critical.

We can guarantee that the approach used will be tailored to your specific need assuring a proper and fast recovery. We are eager, willing and ready to assist you, so call us NOW and we'll have our crew at your doorsteps in no time.

Customer satisfaction

Immediate Action Saves Time

We only utilize top notch drying and restoration methods approved by IICRC when treating your Lake Worth property after experiencing an unfortunate event such as a water leak or flood. We know the consequence of untreated water damage and the importance of dealing with it in a timely manner. Our philosophy goes above and beyond without losing that personal attention that you almost never get in this field nowadays. We will not disappoint you by performing a poor, careless, sloppy job.

Our guarantee is to be ready to begin the remediation and repair process upon arrival, not wasting time trying to figure out how to accomplish the task at hand. We provide exceptional service despite of the time of its occurrence. If you are looking for a water damage Lake Worth company who specializes in restoring damages caused by water with focus in professionalism, proficiency and quality then United Restoration Team is your choice. Call the experts over at United Restoration Team at 561-220-0608 to help you resolve your issue immediately.

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