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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

The extreme weather in South Florida has been known to severely impact our Boca Raton properties. The outcome of a flood or water damage to your home or office is a devastating and unfortunate event, nevertheless, United Restoration Team is a disaster restoration company that can help you in such situations. Having a flooded house or seeing a spot on your ceiling that grows bigger every time it rains is nerve wracking. You can count on us to mitigate the problem and bring your home back to its original condition in the shortest time possible. Whether the damage was because of a water leak, clogged drain, burst pipe, flood or any other event, our technicians will surely do what they're trained to do to get you sorted out. Mitigating the impact to your property quickly is our goal, that is why our professionals will ensure your home or office is restored as soon as possible.

Flooded Kitchen

United Restoration Team understands the importance of a prompt response, as such we offer emergency restoration service to all Boca Raton water damage victims. Our experts are available 24/7 ready to attend your immediate water damage repair Boca Raton need. As a business we know that keeping yours operating is imperative as well as avoiding the need of having to accommodate your family's living arrangements due to an uninhabitable place. That is why we will do all that is necessary to get you back and running fast. We urge you to contact us without delay, the fast specialist we employ will arrive in a jiff to begin remediating the issue. Armed with experience and top tier equipment our water damage Boca Raton FL cleanup crew will tackle the problem right away.

Emergency Drying Approach and Water Removal

United Restoration Team’s drying approach following a damage caused by water is to resolve it immediately. Using approved techniques and recommended equipment as per IICRC standards, our crew will try to rescue your personal items not completely damaged by the water. Our experts are skillfully experienced in damage mitigation and remediation, water removal and cleanup, leaks, clogged drains, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction as well as all sort of mold remediation Boca Raton issues. There are various diverse approach methods, how we treat the issue depends on each individual’s case.

  • Dehumidifiers

An important factor in our water damage restoration Boca Raton FL process is commercial type dehumidifying equipment. We make use of only high quality technology required by industry demand. Our dehumidification machinery use professional LGR units. Contrary to conventional refrigerants, LGR units will keep on removing water under 55 grains per pound. These types of dehumidifiers are manufactured explicitly for water restoration experts, instead of climate control as conventional dehumidifiers. Along with air movers, a LGR dehumidifier eliminate moisture, collects liquid into a tank and efficiently dries out your home. This is a key aspect to restore your property to its initial pre-loss condition successfully.

  • Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping is an important part of moisture detection as well as a necessary process to identify the size and location of an impacted area. The equipment that we utilize for moisture mapping detects the levels of humidity in your property in a scientific and systematic way. As an industry leading restoration and cleaning company we use thermo hygrometers, moisture meters and infrared cameras along with our advanced moisture mapping technology.

Leaking Roof

  • Air Scrubber

After experiencing a sink or toilet overflow, leak, cracked pipe or sewage backup, you will want a service provider who can deploy an air scrubber to filtrate the air and remove any particles and/or chemicals left behind. A negative air machine is an essential tool necessary in the mitigation procedure to eliminate any possible contaminant. These machines draw air passing it through a filtering sequence to depressurize it preventing the spread of mold spores.

  • Air Movers

United Restoration Team utilizes air movers to speed up the drying process by eliminating and controlling the humidity levels. These machines are so potent, they have the capability of drying a carpet 4 times faster than normal. Our state of the art machinery will surely dry your carpet from underneath and up, this will ensure a proper and complete result.

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Mold Remediation Service

We provide way more than just extracting and drying out the water. Mold develops within 48 hrs without notice and in a situation involving water or moisture, it is vital to take necessary precaution to prevent the development of mold. To do so, our staff will apply the essential antibacterial and antimicrobial chemicals and will also will deodorize and ventilate accordingly. Ensuring your home or office is free of pathogens that can negatively impact the health of everyone in is a must. Regular exposure to mold spores has been proven to cause health problems, particularly in the elderly and children. Protecting the safety and health of our customers and their relatives by performing precautionary action is our mission. During the mold removal Boca Raton process, certain damages are inevitable. Drywall and baseboards are things commonly affected by the remediation procedure. Luckily, United Restoration Team also offers reconstruction services to help you get those items repaired.

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The above mentioned bullet points illustrate the some of the methods and equipment we operate during our restoration approach. However, there is way more involved that goes on throughout the whole procedure. Things like drying the ceiling, floor, walls, coated surfaces as well as personal items. With personal care and detailed attention, our crew will efficiently and effectively target even hidden moisture. This is only possible with the use of highly specialized equipment plus the right knowledge and experience. We can guarantee that the approach used will be tailored to your specific need assuring a proper and fast recovery. When dealing with damages caused by water, uncovering it early and tacking action right away is critical.

Customer satisfaction

As homeowners ourselves, we know just how frustrating a Boca Raton flooding damage can be. That is one of the reasons as to why we will take personal care and taking ownership of your problem. We will make it simple, easy and painless and will be with you throughout the whole process including the insurance claim. Preparing you to make sure you are well educated to possibly avoid a similar circumstance in the future is part of our commitment. Our expertise and experience has put us in the leading front of the industry. We eager, willing and ready to  assist you upon, call us NOW and we'll have our crew at your doorsteps  in no time. Our honest, dependable and educated staff are waiting on your call. All you really have to do is pick up the phone and contact our Boca Raton office immediately. Do not wait for your water damage to get worst as it will increase your out of pocket cost, instead get it resolved now and avoid unnecessarily paying more. We know just how important it is for you to have your home back to normal and as promised, we will be on time every time. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to prove it to you by allowing us to complete your Boca Raton water damage repair.

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