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Although water damage to a Fort Lauderdale home or business is an unfortunate but common event, it is necessary to point out that serious damage may be prevented if uncovered on time. The issue is that people choose to overlook and ignore small but significant signs. They decide to take action way too late, either when floors are too flooded or mold growth is evident. They wait to the last minute and when all of a sudden immediate assistance from a water damage Fort Lauderdale FL company is required. Getting immediate help after experiencing damage due to water is an advantage of having a go to dependable service provider. The task of repairing water damage can be very difficult and should be completed by experienced professionals only.

Flooded Kitchen

United Restoration Team specializes in repairing all kinds of problems coming from water damage all throughout Florida. Our emergency response team will immediately be dispatched to your residence or office to address your water emergency upon request. We will assess the situation and act quickly to stop the source of the damage, remove the water and initiate the drying procedure to avoid additional damage to your property. Aside from completing your water extraction and repairing the damages, United Restoration Team provides reconstruction services through our partnered contractors whom are experienced in repairing cosmetic and structural damage.

Repairs, Renovations and Remediation

To avoid further unnecessary damages, you should contact our Fort Lauderdale water damage office. You can rest assure that our experts will act fast to determine the cause and urgently implement a repair plan to get you back to normal right away. Nonetheless, extracting the water is only the first step of the remediation process. Drying the property and eliminating the moisture is a very critical part of the remediation procedure.  Changing the floor if necessary, fixing damages on the walls, remodeling or renovating your house are also services that we can provide.

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We know how important it is to have an experienced service provider respond to your property when experiencing a water emergency. Nevertheless, arrival of our response team is but the beginning. United Restoration Team is accessible at anytime during the day, every week. Our technicians are eager and ready to help, contact us NOW and we will dispatch our professional right away.

Extraction and Drying Techniques

Water removal services are so essential in places like Florida where mold development is common. Most of all water damage restoration Fort Lauderdale FL companies as well as mold remediation businesses offer inspections at no cost to the homeowner. Inspections are simply a thorough diagnostic procedure where the moisture levels are inspected and leaks are detected. Having a reliable water damage repair Fort Lauderdale company when in need of water damage restoration or even mold remediation is vital, especially if the company provides 24/7 emergency service. United Restoration Team is a reputable company with the necessary experience and knowledge needed to get you back on track.

Leaking RoofRestoration Process

All situations are different, but generally the approach to restore water damage is the same every time. The following is our step by step instruction of how we approach the remediation task.

  • The first step of the restoration procedure is the call we receive from the customer.
    This is a very important part to us since this is when our service agents will ask the necessary questions applicable to the particular situation. Information requested at this point is normally the customer’s first name, address, cause of the problem and insurance details. These facts will determine the operator’s dispatch approach.
  • The second step is to assess and inspect the damages.
    Prior to staring the drying process, our experts will first make sure that the cause of the damage is addressed immediately. Once assessment has been completed, any infected water will be analyzed to make sure any potential health risk is dealt with. The water damage cleanup company assisting you must ask if you have seen any safety concerns, such information will help create a proper repair plan.
  • The third step is the actual cleanup task.
    Small sums of water are easily resolved with a mop or a simple dry rag but large amounts require a specific set of equipment. Devices like vacuums and pumps that are specifically manufactured to accomplish water extraction. These apparatuses are able to remove water by the gallons within an hour. Moving some of your belonging may be required to be able to start and accomplish the cleanup job.

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  • The fourth step is drying and dehumidifying the property.
    As an industry leader, United Restoration Team utilizes top tier equipment to monitor and dehumidify the property making sure it is properly dried up. The place may look like it is dry once the water cleanup has been completed; nevertheless, the floor and walls will need further treatment for them to be thoroughly dry. If not done correctly, the walls will puff up and deform. Besides, damped walls are the perfect environment for mold development which will entail additional necessary treatment.
  • The fifth step is sanitizing and cleaning the structure.
    Once all previous steps have been completed, most likely other things such as your carpets and furniture will need specialized deodorization treatment and cleaning. To eliminate debris or any dirt particles left behind we will employ the use of air scrubbers. To sanitize the area, an antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment is completed. All unrepairable items will be destroyed and eliminated with owner’s approval.

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We only utilize top notch drying and restoration methods approved by IICRC when treating your Fort Lauderdale property after experiencing an unfortunate event such as a water leak or flood. Our trained technicians will do everything within reach to recover the belongings of your unit as well as the integrity of the structure. The damage will be identified and thoroughly inspected, immediate action will take place to begin drying your home or business upon arrival. Technicians will quickly and effectively extract the water and setup our state-of-the-art drying equipment. Doing this is the key to getting your house or office dried fast as well as getting rid of moisture to prevent mold development. If required, our mold removal Fort Lauderdale crew will tackle and eliminate any existence of it to ensure the safety of everyone's health. We strive to be the best and do things right the first time, making sure your situation is properly dealt with is our concern. For this reason, we offer different options to deploy our many drying and restoration methods. Our techniques will be executed depending on your specific need, either individually or together with each other to accomplish the best results for your Fort Lauderdale water damage repair need.

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