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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

United Restoration Team knows how uncomfortable it is to experience water damage on your Opa-Locka home or business. Having a flooded house or seeing a spot on your ceiling that grows bigger every time it rains is nerve wracking. You can count on us to mitigate the problem and bring your home back to its original condition in the shortest time possible.

Flooded Kitchen

Whether because of just a leak from a broken pipe or a flood caused by a storm, it is always best to allow an expert to tackle and take care of the issue. Sometimes, people choose to overlook and ignore small but significant signs. The task of repairing water damage can be very difficult and should be completed by experienced professionals only.

As a business we know that keeping yours operating is imperative as well as avoiding the need of having to accommodate your family's living arrangements due to an uninhabitable place. Water damage can easily and abruptly destroy any structure in Opa-Locka or any other place for that matter. We will do all that is necessary to get you back and running fast. We will assess the situation and act quickly to stop the source of the damage, remove the water and initiate the drying procedure to avoid additional damage to your property. The right service provider will not only arrive promptly in a timely manner but will also utilize advanced as well as IICRC approved equipment and techniques to eliminate the water as fast as possible.

Is Your Home Flooded? What Do You Do Then?

Flooding is practically the main cause of water damage in Opa-Locka. Drying the property and eliminating the moisture is a very critical part of the remediation procedure. Using IICRC approved techniques and recommended equipment, our crew will try to rescue your personal items not completely damaged by the water. There are various diverse approach methods; how we treat the issue depends on each individual’s case. The longer you take to act upon the issue at hand the bigger the risk of damage to the structure of the property and health of individuals living in it.

We know time is of the essence when mitigating your loss in a quick, efficient and timely manner. Moisture mapping is an important part of moisture detection as well as a necessary process to identify the size and location of an impacted area. The equipment that we utilize for moisture mapping detects the levels of humidity in your property in a scientific and systematic way. Overlooking a sign, whether small or not, will only end up in a more regretful disaster. We make use of only high quality technology required by industry demand to tackle all water damage restoration Opa-Locka needs.

Leaking Roof

Keeping you in the loop is the best approach to ease your concerns throughout the restoration procedure. Thanks to our efficient method when providing restoration service we have become highly regarded in the industry. We are highly experienced in assisting customers through every step of the Opa-Locka water damage restoration process, especially with the paperwork process pertaining to the insurance claim. Our technicians are trained to get your property back to pre-loss condition fast and make the repair process seamlessly.

Water Damage in Opa-Locka, FL

Water damage does not occur often but when it happens it comes unannounced. Protecting the safety and health of our customers and their relatives by performing precautionary action is our mission. Depending on the extent of the damage, we recommend not to enter an affected building. To keep you and your family save in terms of health, we will deploy our mold removal Opa-Locka team right away to eliminate any trace of it from your property. After the water extraction has been completed, our service technicians will focus on reducing and possibly even avoiding further damages.

All unrepairable items will be destroyed and eliminated with owner’s approval and to sanitize the area, an antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment is completed. By using the subsurface procedure our experts will be able to collect the water under any carpet as well as from any surface to get rid of it. Our technicians are trained to operate IICRC approved equipment only. Waiting for the claims department of your insurance provider to open for business may put your property’s structure at risk of severe damage. Nevertheless, insurance companies play a big role in the whole process.

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The damage will be identified and thoroughly inspected; immediate action will take place to begin drying your home or business upon arrival. As good as water may be it can also be very harmful to anything, especially in vast amounts. If allowed, water will most definitely destroy the foundation of any unit as well as the integrity of its structure.

Customer satisfaction

Leaving an area improperly dried will only end up causing more expensive requirements such as having to hire a mold remediation Opa-Locka expert. A place may look dry but if excessive moisture is present mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours. With personal care and detailed attention, our crew will efficiently and effectively target even hidden moisture. This is only possible with the use of highly specialized equipment plus the right knowledge and experience.

Trust and Dependability

If you are looking for an Opa-Locka company who specializes in restoring damages caused by water with focus in professionalism, proficiency and quality then United Restoration Team is your choice. Our experts will be dispatched immediately upon request with the right equipment. We have been able to establish a reputation of reliability building a good name through trustworthy service.

We will not disappoint you by performing a poor, careless, sloppy job. Having a dependable water damage Opa-Locka company to go to after being affected by water is essential but getting the necessary service when you need it the most gives you peace of mind. We are eager to get your unit back to the condition it was in before being impacted by water.Contact us today at 305-290-4906.

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