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Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Our experienced and dedicated professionals are standing by ready to help when you need them, regardless of the time of the day. We will restore your property back to pre-loss condition, extracting the water and making sure all affected areas are completely dry; removing the water is essential to make sure mold is prevented. If necessary, our mold remediation Key Biscayne crew will make sure your problem gets resolved right away. Our experts have a well diverse knowledge and experience with all sorts of issues coming from water damage.

If your problem is an emergency, we will be able to assist you with our 24/7 emergency response service. United Restoration Team is an excellent company that will attend to your need immediately after receiving your call. Our experts are available 24/7 ready to attend your immediate water damage repair need. United Restoration Team understands the importance of a prompt response, as such we offer emergency restoration service to all Key Biscayne water damage victims.

Aside from completing your water extraction and repairing the damages, United Restoration Team provides reconstruction services through our partnered contractors whom are experienced in repairing cosmetic and structural damage. It sure is devastating when floods or any other sort of event causes damage to your property. Not hiring the appropriate water damage Key Biscayne company to cleanup and restore the damage can mean more devastation.

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Repairs, Renovations and Water Damage Remediation 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Do not allow water destroy your property and all of your belongings. Despite of the cause of damage because of water, United Restoration Team is ready to assist you upon request. Our Water damage restoration Key Biscayne staff knows that an emergency situation of this magnitude requires a specific set of skills. You can rest assured that our experts will act fast to determine the cause and urgently implement a repair plan to get you back to normal right away. United Restoration Team’s drying approach following a damage caused by water is to resolve it immediately.

Exceeding our customers’ satisfaction is our goal; we concentrate on our customers making them our focal point while in the process of restoring the house or office. Our technicians are eager and ready to help, so contact us NOW and we will dispatch our professional right away. An overwhelming sensation of hopelessness is perfectly normal in a situation of this nature. Do not allow water destroy your property and all of your belongings.

Our state of the art machinery will surely dry your carpet from underneath and up, which will ensure a proper and complete result. We possess a group of experienced professionals who are experts in the water damage restoration field. Having a reliable water damage repair Key Biscayne company when in need of water damage restoration or even mold remediation is vital, especially if the company provides 24/7 emergency service. Informing you of the damages found and how we intend to repair and restore them within a clear timeline will alleviate some of the pressure.

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Water damage restoration is a complicated process that requires an exceptionally skilled and experienced group of professionals. Despite the source of water damage, United Restoration Team would like to warn you to be cautious when dealing with an affected property.

Stains on the ceiling and walls, corroded pipes, bad odor, peeling paint and mold growth are all evidence of water damage. If you think your home or office is experiencing any those effects, taking immediate action is necessary. Giving you certainty of consistent quality workmanship is one of our main priorities. We provide way more than just extracting and drying out the water.

To eliminate debris or any dirt particles left behind we will employ the use of air scrubbers. Following any natural disaster, look out for any fallen power lines. If possible, make sure to shut down the power before entering a damaged property. Getting the walls, floors, furniture or anything that the water came in contact with dried up is essential to prevent the possible development of mold. United Restoration Team is so devoted to making sure your property is properly and completely restored that we even get involved with the claim request. As an industry leader, United Restoration Team utilizes top tier equipment to monitor and dehumidify the property making sure it is properly dried up.

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United Restoration Team Will Secure the Well Being of Your Home or Business

Our service may be your best ally in getting your property back to its original state after experiencing a flood. Mold survives in moist environments and travel through the air as tiny reproductive units called spores. Not to be redundant but it goes without saying how crucial it is to get rid of all moisture. We are eager, willing and ready to assist you, so call us NOW and we'll have our crew at your doorsteps in no time.

Technicians will quickly and effectively extract the water and setup our state-of-the-art drying equipment. We will your house or office dried fast as well as get rid of moisture to prevent mold development. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how frustrating a Key Biscayne flooding damage can be.

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Customer satisfaction

We offer many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to bring your property to pre-loss condition. We strive to provide a sense of comfort and trust in every single one of our clients throughout the repair process making sure the services provided are top notch. Partners of United Restoration Team are known as industry leaders for operating the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the field. We only utilize top notch drying and restoration methods approved by IICRCwhen treating your Key Biscayne property after experiencing an unfortunate event such as a water leak or flood.

Our trained technicians will do everything within reach to recover the belongings of your unit as well as the integrity of the structure. To surpass the expectations of our customers, we make sure to stay up to date with the newest technology and the latest methods in the competitive Key Biscayne water damage restoration field. Contact us at 305-290-4906 to help you with your water damage repair Key Biscayne need today.

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