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United Restoration Team is an excellent company that will attend to your need immediately after receiving your call. Natural disasters are rare, but when they occur, they come unexpectedly. We will properly restore your unit, extracting the water and making sure all affected areas are completely dry; removing the water is essential to make sure mold is prevented. Not all water damages are considered an emergency but they’re all very delicate situations. Our experts have a well diverse knowledge and experience with all sorts of issues coming from water damage. Certain types of water damages are produced due to different reasons, but whatever it is, our qualified staff is trained to promptly respond to your aid and help you to comfortably deal with the situation.

Flooded Kitchen

Our Highly Trained Specialists Will Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Not only does one have to bear losing time trying to deal with the issue but the unexpected expense can be hindering to an unprepared individual. Closely monitoring the repairs and documenting the progress is essential to making sure the problem is thoroughly and properly fixed. We will assess the situation and act quickly to stop the source of the damage, remove the water and initiate the drying procedure to avoid additional damage to your property. United Restoration Team understands the importance of a prompt response, as such we offer emergency restoration service to all Coral Gables water damage victims. Armed with experience and top tier equipment our water damage Coral Gables cleanup crew will tackle the problem right away.

Water Damage Restoration in Coral Gables, FL

You can rest assured that our experts will act fast to determine the cause and urgently implement a repair plan to get you back to normal right away. Flood water is normally categorized as either black or gray. The moment you notice any sign of water damage, calling us would probably be your best course of action to begin mitigating the loss. Our experts are skillfully experienced in damage mitigation and remediation, water removal and cleanup, leaks, clogged drains, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction as well as all sort of mold remediation Coral Gables issues. Changing the floor if necessary, fixing damages on the walls, remodeling or renovating your house are services that we can provide.

Overlooking a sign, whether small or not, will only end up in a more regretful disaster. Exceeding our customers’ satisfaction is our goal; we concentrate on our customers making them our focal point while in the process of restoring the house or office. United Restoration Team is accessible at anytime during the day, every week. Our focus is to help you prevail over temporary defeat and regain your sense of security with the smallest amount of interruption to your daily responsibilities. For both business and home owners this can be an enormous obstacle to overcome.

Water removal services are so essential in places like Coral Gables where mold development is common. Thanks to our efficient method when providing restoration service we have become highly regarded in the industry. Tackling the issue right away will allow us to determine the scope of the impact so that we can put together an immediate plan of action. Being a Coral Gables homeowner, you should acquire the service of the right water damage professional to treat the problems suffered.

Leaking Roof

Ensuring the Security of Your Family's Health

Ensuring your home or office is free of pathogens that can negatively impact the health of everyone in is a must. Prior to staring the drying process, our experts will first make sure that the cause of the damage is addressed immediately. Once assessment has been completed, any infected water will be analyzed to make sure any potential health risk is dealt with. Restoring or repairing a damage caused by water is the basic process of extracting the water and eliminating the moisture after experiencing a flood, broken pipe, leaky roof or any other source of damage. Water damage does not occur often but when it happens it comes unannounced. We understand the importance of acting fast to avoid additional unnecessary damage to your property.

Following any natural disaster, look out for any fallen power lines. If possible, make sure to shut down the power before entering a damaged property. United Restoration Team is committed to helping you the moment you need it, our crew will arrive shortly after receiving your call and begin the cleanup procedure right away. The incomparable service group of technicians from United Restoration Team are highly equipped with all the essential equipment to remove stagnant water. To eliminate debris or any dirt particles left behind we will employ the use of air scrubbers. Waiting for the claims department of your insurance provider to open for business may put your property’s structure at risk of severe damage.

Importance of Restoring Your Home

Our specialized tools enable us to analyze all affected areas to make sure that they are completely dry and will not present anymore potential damage. We are eager, willing and ready to assist you, so call us NOW and we'll have our crew at your doorsteps in no time. United Restoration Team has been of great assistance to the community by providing top water damage restoration Coral Gables service. The damage will be identified and thoroughly inspected; immediate action will take place to begin drying your home or business upon arrival. Mold survives in moist environments and travel through the air as tiny reproductive units called spores. Not to be redundant but it goes without saying how crucial it is to get rid of all moisture.

Accessibility to Reliable Restoration Service

Customer satisfaction

Devotion to principles that promote ethical values of trust as well as professionalism is the core standard of our foundation. We only utilize top notch drying and restoration methods approved by IICRC when treating your Coral Gables property after experiencing an unfortunate event such as a water leak or flood. It is of utmost importance that the restoration or repair process starts quickly after water damage occurs. We strive to provide a sense of comfort and trust in every single one of our clients throughout the repair process making sure the services provided are top notch.

Our philosophy goes above and beyond without losing that personal attention that you almost never get in this field nowadays. Mold begins to develop 48 hours after water damage; they grow on floors, ceilings, walls and start to deteriorate everything they touch. Dealing with the problem fast will keep you from having to spend a lot of money unnecessarily and can potentially save your property. Call us today at 305-290-4906 and let’s start working on your project.

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