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Natural disasters are rare, but when they occur, they come unexpectedly. Not every water damage to a Palm Beach property is considered an emergency but it is a very delicate situation. Whether the damage was because of a water leak, clogged drain, burst pipe, flood or any other event, our technicians will surely do what they're trained to do to get you sorted out.

Flooded Kitchen

Acting quickly after experiencing a water damage Palm Beach issue to your property is crucial for a proper restoration. The outcome of a flood or water damage to your home or office is a devastating and unfortunate event, nevertheless, United Restoration Team is a disaster restoration company that can help you in such situations. Closely monitoring the repairs and documenting the progress is essential to making sure the problem is thoroughly and properly fixed.

One of the most important factors to correctly restore a Palm Beach water damage is starting the water removal and extraction immediately. Not only does one have to bear losing time trying to deal with the issue but the unexpected expense can be hindering to an unprepared individual. We urge you to contact us without delay, the fast specialist we employ will arrive in a jiff to begin remediating the issue. Our emergency response team will immediately be dispatched to your residence or office to address your water emergency upon request.

Repair, Renovation and Remediation

Flood water is normally categorized as either black or gray. Statistically speaking, homeowners run a 1% possibility of being impacted by flood. Our experts are skillfully experienced in damage mitigation and remediation, water removal and cleanup, leaks, clogged drains, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction as well as all sort of mold remediation Palm Beach issues. Changing the floor if necessary, fixing damages on the walls, remodeling or renovating your house are services that we can provide. Black water pertains to that which comes from outdoor places like streams or rivers while gray water is that which comes from places inside the property such as dishwashers, sinks or toilets.

Working around the clock is our commitment to ensure you are taken care of as you deserve. As an industry leading restoration and cleaning company we use thermo hygrometers, moisture meters and infrared cameras along with our advanced moisture mapping technology. For both business and home owners this can be an enormous obstacle to overcome. We know how important it is to have an experienced water damage restoration Palm Beach company respond to your property when experiencing a water emergency.

After experiencing a sink or toilet overflow, leak, cracked pipe or sewage backup, you will want a service provider who can deploy an air scrubber to filtrate the air and remove any particles and/or chemicals left behind. Using sensors to expose moisture helps us concentrate primarily in the most important areas. Being a Palm Beach homeowner, you should acquire the service of the right water damage professional to treat the problems suffered. United Restoration Team is a reputable company with the necessary experience and knowledge needed to get you back on track. Utilizing the right equipment is important to us because our tools are what we rely on to make sure the repairs are completed correctly, however, our expert knowledge allows us to use them the right way.

Leaking Roof

Mold Remediation Service

Ensuring your home or office is free of pathogens that can negatively impact the health of everyone in is a must. United Restoration Team knows every aspect of the process and guarantees a proper completion of all repairs. The first step of the restoration procedure is the call we receive from the customer. This is a very important part to us since this is when our service agents will ask the necessary questions applicable to the particular situation. Contacting an expert should be your first reaction prior to dealing with an impacted residential or commercial property. All situations are different, but generally the approach to accomplish a water damage repair Palm Beach problem is the same every time.

It is recommended that in any water damage Palm Beach, an emergency response professional is contacted for the security of everyone’s safety. Our water damage repair and restoration process is composed of a few distinct stages that require the use of advance technology and techniques. The incomparable service group of technicians from United Restoration Team are highly equipped with all the essential equipment to remove stagnant water. United Restoration Team is committed to helping you the moment you need it, our crew will arrive shortly after receiving your call and begin the cleanup procedure right away. Preventive action is and will always be the best approach to prevent expensive repair cost.

Water Damage in Palm Beach, FL

If required, our mold removal Palm Beach crew will tackle and eliminate any existence of it to ensure the safety of everyone's health. We will make the process simple, easy and painless and will be with you throughout the whole process including the insurance claim. United Restoration Team has been of great assistance to the community by providing the best Palm Beach water damage restoration service.

Preparing you to make sure you are well educated to possibly avoid unwanted circumstance in the future is part of our commitment. We can guarantee that the approach used will be tailored to your specific need assuring a proper and fast recovery.

Customer satisfaction

Immediate Action Saves Time

Service provided incorrectly or late will certainly cause bigger problems for you. Our philosophy goes above and beyond without losing that personal attention that you almost never get in this field nowadays. Disasters caused by water are emergency situations that need immediate attention; therefore, at United Restoration Team we treat them as such and with extreme importance. We know the consequence of untreated water damage and the importance of dealing with it in a timely manner.

Our guarantee is to be ready to begin the remediation and repair process upon arrival, not wasting time trying to figure out how to accomplish the task at hand. It is of utmost importance that the restoration or repair process starts quickly after any Palm Beach water damage. Mold begins to develop 48 hours after water damage; they grow on floors, ceilings, walls and start to deteriorate everything they touch. Contact the experts over at United Restoration Team at 561-220-0608 to help you resolve your issue immediately.

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