Water Damage Compromises Safety

More than 70% of all property damage in the United States involves water; whether it is through a broken pipe, after a fire, natural floods or sewer backups. Water can lead to enormous damage of property and is a potential threat to your home, furnishings, documents and other valuable possessions. When water damage in your home goes unattended mold will start to grow leading to long term health hazards. If not dealt with immediately, water damage could result in expensive replacements and repairs along with emotional trauma. The adverse effects of water damage can be sharply controlled and reduced by prompt action. The proficient service by skilled technicians of a reliable restoration company is sure to take the stress out of your mind.

It is extremely important that the water damage in your house is dealt with promptly and effectively. If you are in need of water damage repair just contact any restoration service provider, they will be more than happy to take care of your issue right away. Disaster does not strike in a convenient hour, having access to a 24/7 emergency response team will ensure that your problem is attended immediately. The quicker a restoration professional visits your home the better because waiting would only aggravate the damage and entail the risk of mold. If an internal source like tub or sink is responsible for the water damage then make sure to shut off the valve immediately. By making use of high end technologies and equipment the restoration experts will extract the water and bring your residence back to normal.

The repair technicians will evaluate the property to determine the extent of the damage. Using equipment such as moisture meters and infrared cameras will help detect moisture and water on floors, walls or ceilings not visible to the naked eye. After determining the salvageable items in your home, a thorough plan to dry out the moisture in the property will be created. You might also want to make use of special inventory services where your belongings will be packed and then stored.

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Experienced water damage restoration experts will use the most advanced devises to remove standing water in your house. In order to speed up the dehumidification process, sophisticated drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers would be installed in your home. This is absolutely important to not only prevent additional damages but also to prevent the growth of mold. The drying process has to be monitored by the technicians and the moisture levels need to be recorded until the EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) is reached. Once your property is absolutely dry, additional inspection should be completed to make certain whether or not further repairs, sanitization or deodorization is required. Generally bad odors fade away naturally after the process has been completed, however, in case it doesn’t then use of special equipment must be implemented to eliminate lingering odors.

There is no need to freak out if mold is detected since specialists in mold remediation can promptly work to sanitized and clean your living space. In addition to the normal restoration and remediation services, there are also services that will help restore your electronics and documents in case your belongings are in need of special repair. Professionals can also help you with the reinstallation of carpet and if required they can perform a complete carpet cleaning to disinfect and deodorize it.

United Restoration Team recognizes the emotional trauma that people go through when experiencing water damage, for that reason we are committed to always take your emergency call no matter the time of the day. Our professional restoration experts will help you overcome all obstacles and restore your home quickly. We have successfully restored thousands of households from water damage and mold. We can help you overcome all concerns by helping you understand the extent of damage and by explaining the necessary course of action. United Restoration Team will make sure to handle your property respectfully. We will constantly monitor and document the process until it is completed.

Our crew is committed to respond immediately to take care of all your water damage repair needs. However, there are a few things that you can do in the meantime to minimize the damage. Our recommendations are the following;

  • Stop the water from its source
  • Turn off the electricity
  • Remove all electronic devises from areas with excessive water
  • Cover furniture
  • Do not use vacuum cleaner to remove water

Next time your property suffers from water damage instead of trying to handle it yourself contact the experts who can take the load off your mind.

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